The East Quogue Fire District is the publicly elected governing body commissioned with providing fire,
rescue and emergency medical service to the residents of East Quogue. The cost for this service is paid
for through the collection of tax dollars. The District is its own taxing agency and therefore has the
power to levy taxes (similar to a School District). The fire tax is the only means of funding for the Fire
District. Unlike other forms of local government, we do not receive State Aide, Federal Aide or income
from service fees/taxes, or billing for service. The Fire District provides the tools while the Volunteer Fire
Department provides the services.

The Fire District governing body is made up of five (5) Commissioners elected by the voters of East
Quogue. They serve a 5-year term, and one (1) is elected each year. The election is held the second
Tuesday in December. Any registered voter in the East Quogue Fire District may vote. The
Commissioners oversee administrative activities, including setting the fire tax, budget, apparatus and
equipment purchases, building maintenance and repair or replacement. etc. Commissioners are
assigned different positions: finance, insurance, personnel, equipment, and building and grounds. All
paid staff as well as the volunteer Fire Chief report directly to the fire Commissioners. Similar to the
Town and School Boards, the only pre-requisite to becoming a candidate for Commissioner is that the
candidate must live in the town of East Quogue and complete the petition requirements.

The Commissioners hold a monthly meeting on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 7:30 pm at
the District headquarters and are open to the public. The official newspaper of the East Quogue Fire
District is the Southampton Press. All legal notices are published in this paper.